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On this date I will come back to this site and answer whether or not I was successful. (We'll send you an email or two just in case you forget.)


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I'm gonna try my darndest!

What's this site all about?

Gonna Try is a pseudo-scientific experiment into what you try to
do, and how you succeed. Made with love by Habit Labs.

How does it work?

Simple! You tell it what you're gonna try to do, the tools you plan to use, and a date that you're gonna try to be done by. On that date in the future, we ask you whether or not you succeeded. So much of the hype around health, fitness, productivity and self-improvement tries to ignore the fact that, more often than not, we don't succeed at making the changes we set out to make. Gonna Try is okay with that. We just want to know what the truth is, we want to see if there are any patterns that emerge from the small percent of people who actually *do* succeed at the things they set out to do.

How is this different from other goal-tracking sites?

  1. It's WAAY easier! We don't even require you to sign up with an account.
  2. Rather than focusing on goals, we're focusing on attempts! They might seem similar, but how many goals and resolutions have you had that never involved a single ounce of actual trying? You can't get away with that here.
  3. We are okay with failure! An attempt is the reward in itself. If it doesn't work out the first time, or the tenth time, keep trying! That's the best we can be expected to do, right?
  4. We will learn what works! Since we don't have any preference about goals you work towards, or what tools and motivational techniques you employ, we can simply collect the results, and give them back to you. We're very excited about what strange correlations we might find.

What else have you made?

Our other projects include Budge, Health Month, and How's My Email. We are intensely focused on building tools that help you change your habits and behaviors in a positive direction. Follow us at @habitlabs, @budge, and @healthmonth.

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